We always buy flowers that are grown as close to us as possible, and only top quality flowers. A rose grown here in Germany smells like grandmas garden and the colours are much more vibrant!”

Kristin Hallson -founder and owner

We are not your ordinary florist! We sell sustainably grown, high quality Flowers, Greens and Plants.

At blossom by HAUS//KLINIK you will always find our Bouquets and our Bunches.

Bunches are just that, bunches of flowers. Same beautiful wrapping, same quality and to a lower price than a mixed Bouquet.

Maybe you want to make your own bouquet and give it to a friend? Fantastic! We also sell lot's of greens and foliage to make that possible. Our web-shop and Instagram is updated daily so what you can purchase in our stores you can also purchase online.

Choose to collect in store or with CO 2 -neutral delivery.